Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Greenland Island Games squad

Players from Nuuk club B-67 have dominated the places in the Greenland squad for the 2013 Island Games in Bermuda.
The biennial competition is the Greenlanders’ only regular international outing and 18 players will fly out of Denmark after a brief training camp on the plane to Hamilton. Although a handful of Greenlandic players play in Denmark, the only one included in the Island Games squad is Daniel Knudsen of Hirtshals Boldklub.

For some of the players on that plane, the competition represents a rare chance to see the world outside of their Arctic nation.

René Olsen from Nuuk is again one of two coaches to lead the team. He will work with Tekle Ghebrelul, who is also from the capital, and replace Tønnes Berthelsen, who managed the side at the last Island Games in the Isle of Wight.

Ten of the squad are from B-67, including veteran goalkeeper John Kreutzmann, who started out playing on the pitch for the Greenland side but as the years have advanced turned to goalkeeping, a position he occupied for the Greenlanders on their last appearance two years ago.

1.  John Kreutzmann – Nuuk (B-67)
2.  Loke Svane - Nuuk (B-67)                                            
3.  Kaali L. Mathæussen - Ilulissat (N-48)    
4.  Lars Peter Broberg - Nuuk (B-67)
5.  Nukannguaq Zeeb - Qeqertarsuaq (G-44)
6.  Aputsiaq Birch – Nuuk (B-67)
7.  Sakiu Lundblad - Ilulissat (N-48)                   
8.  John Eldevig - Nuuk (B-67)
9.  Anders H. Petersen – Nuuk (B-67)                          
10. Palu Petersen – Aasiaat (T-41)
11. Frederik Funch – Nuuk (B-67)    
12. Minik Stephensen – Nanortalik (Ek'aluk-54)
13. John-L. Broberg –  Qeqertarsuq (G-44)
14. Gazza  Zeeb - Uummannaq (Malamuk)
15. Maasi Maqe – Nuuk (B-67)
16. Norsaq Mathæussen – Nuuk (B-67)                  
17. Daniel Knudsen - Denmark (Hirtshals Boldklub)
18. Johan Bidstrup Nuuk (B-67-G-44)   
19. Tekle Ghebrelul - Nuuk (Coach)
20. René Olsen - Nuuk (Coach)


Dave Powell said...

Hey Steve,

What other Greenland players are in Denmark?

Steve Menary said...

Only one as far as I understand: Daniel Knudsen