Sunday, 2 December 2012

Date set for Cyprus talks

The Cyprus Football Association and the federation from the Turkish-controlled north of the Mediterranean islands have set a date for the first formal talks between the CFA and the CTFA in more than four years.

The two sides will meet at 9.00am on December 11. Although a CTFA delegation led by president Hasan Serto─člumet met with the CFA on November 20, this was an unofficial meeting at an independent venue. On December 11, Serto─člumet and the CTFA delegation will meet at the headquarters of the CFA in Greek-Nicosia.

In advance of the meeting, CFA President Costakis Koutsokoumnis returned to his home city of Morphou/Lefke in the north of Cyprus and paid a visit to the local club there, Lefke TSK. Like the other 47 sides in the north, Lefke is a member of the CTFA, which split from the CFA in 1955 and has been in limbo since the declaration of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which remains unrecognised outside of Turkey. 

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