Sunday, 30 December 2007

Reviews for Outcasts

Outcasts has had some good media coverage since coming out at the end of November in a number of national and regional newspapers and football magazines and was serialised in Four Four Two.

The book was named best sports book of the week in The Independent on Sunday, best book in the February 2008 issue of Four Four Two and was the subject of a feature in the Jersey Evening Post and Metro

The book has also featured in the Jersey Evening Post and on a number of radio stations, including BBC London, BBC Wales, Chick Young's World of Football on BBC Radio Scotland, Channel 103FM, Manx Radio and BBC Guernsey.

Listed below are some of the comments and links to some of the English-language reviews/mentions.

"One book that might intrigue the discerning reader this Christmas" - Sunday Telegraph

"Buy this" - The Times

"Menary is an admirably sure-footed guide ... he never loses sight of the human stories" - When Saturday Comes

"Lively, informative" - The Independent on Sunday

"Menary is an enthusiast with a talent for getting the best out of his interviewees and a keen eye for the encapsulating episode" - Daily Telegraph

"Thought provoking questions about the nature of national identity" - Four Four Two

"Outcasts! is a must-read for all football fans" - Sporting Life

“Excellent … Outcasts is as good as it gets” - Birmingham Post

"Menary is an admirably sure-footed guide ... he never loses sight of the human stories ... a gentle meditation not merely on the power of football, but also on what it means to be a country" - When Saturday Comes

"Once in a while a book comes along with an unusual subject matter that captures the imagination and Menary's Outcasts falls into that category" - Yorkshire Post

"A thoroughly absorbing and entertaining examination of the issues involved, never threatening to outstay its welcome" - Isle of Man Today

"A fascinating insight" - Guernsey Press & Star

"Outcasts! is a great book, about the love of the game that makes people want to take part and how FIFA make their odd decisions" - The League magazine


Jess said...

Bought Outcasts recently and am currently reading - superb book, fascinating reading. Congratulations!

As a result of reading, I will now be taking my holiday in Gällivare, Sweden, this summer to take in the II Viva World Cup. So far only 4 teams have entered, but with no Wild Cup and ELF Cup to compete here's hoping this tournament will be bigger.

I don't know if you heard, but in November the International Handball Federation overruled the PATHF's demotion of Greenland. Great news!

Incidentally I'm an organiser of the Global Alternative Song Contest, a contest for countries who can't enter the Eurovision Song Contest. It's mostly entered by countries outside Europe, but we have several countries that don't exist too - this year I've been involved with both the Åland and the Jersey entries.

Wishing you every success with future projects. Maybe see you in Gällivare in July?

Steve Menary said...

Hi Jess

Thanks for your email & I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

If you had time to post a review of the book on the Swedish or UK version of amazon, that would be a big help.

Hopefully we will meet in Gallivare. I will drop you a line later in the year if I am coming over.