Tuesday, 26 June 2007

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Anonymous said...
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RickyW said...

Having just read your book Outcasts, I felt compelled to contact you and congratulate you on such an illuminating and well researched book, which has been immensely informative with great background information and although much of to which you refer regarding particularly Jersey, Channel Islands, Island Games and Gibraltar was already known generally to me it factually fills in many gaps!My interest? Well I was quite gobsmacked to get a mention as the new JFA President to whom you refer and getting international status for Jersey is in many respects my holy grail! so we have a lot of common interests and I would love the opportunity to speak with you and perhaps invite you to Jersey to do an interview and get a first hand view of where we now at and where we trying to go. In the 18 months since my election together with that of a new Executive we have made quite a bit of progress including securing a 6 figure sponsorship deal to help develop our national team games programme. We have also gained support of FA Premier League Chairman who visited the island in May and have Geoff Thompson coming in January 9/10 which could be an opportune time for you to consider a visit. I am also good friends with Joey Nunez of Gibraltar and watching their progress re UEFA with interest. We are also looking to arrange a rematch of our Islands Games clash in Rhodes in November having gone out to Gibraltar in group stage not even by goal difference but a goal less scored having been 6 minutes away from knocking them out of the tournament in their very 1st game before they equalised at 1-1 and went onto win group by virtue of beating Menorca 2-1 as opposed to our 1-0 result in our 1st game.Anyway I'd be delighted to hear from you at rickyweir@gmail.com
Ricky Weir

Jason said...

Hi Steve,

I wondered whether I might be able to interview you for Manx Radio in the Isle of Man about our mention in your book: I'm jason.roberts@manxradio.com


Jason Roberts

Jose Catalan/ Diario As said...

Hi Steve! I'm José Catalán, journalist of Spanish sport's newspaper Diario AS. I'm very keen on Outcasts! and everything about Non Fifa Federations. I'm writing a article about NF-Board, VIVA World Cup, ELF Cup... and, obviously, you and your book. Soon it will be published (if it´s your desire, i'll post yo a comment whent it happens).

I have to ask you some thing. It`s true that people in one oil plattform had applied to be a federation accepted in FIFA? I can`t believe it.

Thanks and congratullations four your job!

Jose Catalan/ Diario As said... said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to leave you my email adress:


I'll be pleased if I can help you in something

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I really enjoyed your book and am quite keen to write about it and interview for my student magazine (Hullfire - University of Hull). My deadline is two weeks so I don't have an awful lot of time but hope you get this message and respond to it quickly enough so we can get the ball rolling.

The magazine is free and has a distribution of 3500 amongst the students at the University of Hull.

If you could contact me via email at:
I would very much appreciate it.

All the best,


Mark Case said...


I have just finished reading your 'outcasts' book. Recently. I have been feeling a touch disillusioned with the footballing world, but your book has reminded me what supporting a football team, and indeed enjoying sport, is meant to be about.

The football I watch in the english conference is not the same anymore, the football i play isn't the same anymore. I started supporting Cambridge United as a kid, and they had a family atmosphere, and since our relegation to the conference I thought i would have become more involved, but our big club attitude, and lack of appreciation of the non-league scene has found me wondering!

Anyway, just wanted to say cheers for a great, motivating read really.

Mark Case

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

firstly, let me say how much I'm enjoying reading your book. It's an absolute pleasure to hear about so many characters in so many parts of the world. I am particularly into the connection between football and identity and your book has me enthralled...

I'm a reporter from BBC World Service and I'd like your advice on a story I'm trying to get commissioned. Would you mind emailing me back at mani_djazmi@hotmail.com so I can tell you more?


CENFmember said...

Halo Steve, first congratulation for your book, I think these argouments are very interesting.
I'm a member of CENF (Media Relations Director) so I'm wondeing if you are interested to write an article about us on World Soccer Magazine. However I hope to have with you a relation in the near future. My e-mail is: daniele.fiore@cenf.eu


Spyros said...

Dear Steve

My name is Spyros Chatzigiannis and I'm a Greek journalist living in London. I've done some articles about English footbal(reportage of Liverpool fans before the 2007 Champ.League final,reportage for the different tribes of Chelsea fans before this year's game with the Greek team Olympiakos -we played like hypnotized cocckroaches during the St.Bridge English-Greek battle,I'm an Olympiakos fan...)and as I'm originally a sociologist I write about all forms of modern urban culture(graffiti, hiphop, football, politics, music etc...).At the moment my editor has asked me if I could find s.th alternative related to the Euro2008 and your book and your knowledge of tournaments like the Europedeana in Switzerland looks absolutely perfect!!!Is there any possibility to give us an interview for your book and these football events at any time between today and Monday morning?We close the 8th of June edition of our Sunday magazine 'E' on Monday night so that's the latest I can make it, in order for me to have time to translate and write it...The newspaper is 'Eleftherotypia' www.enet.gr and it's the 2nd-3rd biggest selling paper in Greece, sort of the Greek Independent(progressive/new left...) I write for it's Sunday magazine 'E'. We would really-really appreciate it if you could help us and i think my style of writing can expose nicely your work and ideas to the brains of the European nation which shocked Europe in 2004!Perhaps your research can give another type of shock to the Greek football fans!!!

My email is spysun04@gmail.com

If you Google my full name you'll find a Nov'07 interview of mine with Mark Simpson(the godfather of the word metrosexual for David Beckham...) that appears in his website to check my questions style...

With Respect

Spyros Chatzigiannis

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Irina.
email is igalushko@rttv.ru
really want to find out more about VIVA and the upcoming Championship.
i represent a Russian tv channel, and this story is of particular interest to us.
thanks in advance!

Bluey said...

Hi Steve,
I am at present completing a Masters Thesis on International Relations and Football(Nation Building being the focus) and was wondering if I could do a brief interview with you? Let me know if this would be possible. Thanks. Brian O'Connell. e-mail: connell.briano@gmail.com

brian said...

hey steve:

my name is brian and i'm a reporter to the kosov@ post, the fist and only english language paper in independent kosovo.

i'm working on a piece for the nest issue (weekly) about the aborted kosovo national vs brazil olympic team match in geneva.

i interviewed the national team head coach edmond rugova yesterday and he told me about you book, (which i will order a copy of today at my local english language book store).

but i'm hoping you'll give me a few minutes of your time to enlighten me out of my state of ignorance.

my email address is:


please and thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Steve Menary,

my name is Daniele Fiore, I am the Media Relations Director of the Confederation of European New Federations (CENF). As you maybe know we mounthly publish a newsletter talking about news and informations about the non-FIFA football. From the next newsletter we will start to publish interviews to people involved in football governing bodies and football associations. We will be very happy to see also your interview published soon. If you are interested answer to this stanza13@inwind.it e-mail address and I’ll provide to send soon a list of questions to you.
Only for information you can take a look to our past newsletters on our official website (http://cenf.110mb.com/cenf.html).

Thanks for your attention and see you soon,

Daniele Fiore, CENF Media Relations Director

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article about FIFA policy. Is it your?
However if you want you can take a look to our Newsletter: http://www.cenf.110mb.com/newsletters/cenf2008-11-01.pdf , I wrote a similar article. If you'll read it I'll be happy to know what do you think about it (I'm italian so there will be some english mistakes! :). Thank you

Daniele Fiore, CENF

Bruno said...


My name is Bruno Cerboncini and I live in Brazil. I have heard of your book when searching about football in the Northern Marianas Islands. I really like the subject, and was wondering if Outcast has been published in Brazil and if so, who is the publisher. Otherwise how could I purchase the book from abroad?

Hope to hear you soon.

Best wishes,

Bruno said...

I didn't provide my e-mail: bruno.cerboncini@gmail.com

Best wishes,

Kiwi said...

Dear Mr Menary,

Congratulations for this blog which is of particular interest to me. I am passionnate of the stories of these unrecognized national teams, and will definitely get a copy of your book. I personnaly lead a thread on a French forum that follows the qualification campaign for the 2010 World Cup. This thread is focusing - often humourously but always respectfully - on the tiniest nations, the ones who have absolutely no chance to qualify, but try hard. If you can read French, please have a look at it here : http://www.kamouloxdufoot.com/kdf/viewtopic.php?t=3105

Your blog states that you released for WS an article about Tuvalu's national team during the 2007's South Pacific Games. I'd love to read it and hopefully undestand why this fully independant country wasn't allowed to side a FIFA-recognized team ? Could you tell me where I can find it ?

Best regards,

Mayer said...


I'm trying to start a team to represent the District of Columbia. The point is to bring light to the fact that DC residents don't have representation in federal government. If DC has similar legal status to other US territories such as Puerto Rico that have their own teams then DC should be able to have their own team as well.
I have just now learned about your book so I have not read it. But you seem to be the non-FIFA expert so I was wondering if you would mind getting in touch to sorta help me figure out how to put this together. Whatever I know about non-FIFA football is mainly from wikipedia.
My email is mweisel(at)gwmail.gwu.com. Thanks

Paul Watson said...

Hi Steve,

My name is Paul Watson and I am the coach of the Pohnpei football team. I would love the chance to chat with you. If you get the chance could you email pohnpeisoccer@gmail.com.

Best wishes

KAVE said...

From a national radio station in South AFrica, WC hosting nation. We'd love to chat to you on radio about your book Outcast. Contact me chumakave@gmail.com

Hector Macdonald said...

Hi Steve

Are you a fan of the book Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life or The Damned Utd?

If so, you may like to profile one of them at www.bookdrum.com, where you can add information, images, video, music and links to illustrate and explore the book.

Very best

Hector Macdonald
Editor, Book Drum

aussiefairfootball@yahoo.com said...

Hi Steve, Greetings from Australia, where believe it or not, some of us think FIFA is totally unfair and outmoded. To underscore how insular and corrupt things have become to those of us "inside" the tent, our latest World Cup bid is being represented by none other than Peter Hargitay, a man twice arrested for cocaine smuggling and who helped bust apartheid sanctions working for the fugitive Marc Rich! Can things get any worse? Does anyone care? Anyway, thanks for being a voice of conscience. Regards, James Coyne aussiefairfootball@yahoo.com

Jorg said...

Hello, I would like to purchase your book. My email address is joerg.mueller@prontomail.com.

Joerg Mueller, Ireland

Tiago Pimentel said...

Hi Steve!

I'm a portuguese journalist and I'm working on a text about non-FIFA football. I read your book - loved it - and would like to ask you some questions, if it is ok with you.

My e-mail address is tiago.pimentel [at] publico [dot] pt.

Hope to read from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve
Hope you are well!
Thanks again for coming into university in SOuthampton a couple of weeks ago to give us tips on your career. I do have further questions to ask you but can't find your email address.
I appreciate that you are probably busy but if you could drop me a line so I know your email address I would be very grateful. Mine is

Many Thanks

Kyle Crawford said...

Hi Steve,

My name is Kyle Crawford and I am a reporter for War News Radio, an independent radio station that covers the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the Viva World Cup taking place now we are doing a story on the Kurdistan Football Team which is taking part in the Viva World Cup. I thought you would be a great person to talk to about this! I would love to speak with you at your convenience.


Kyle Crawford
kcrawf [at] warnewsradio [dot] org

Jorge said...

Hi Steve

My name is Jorge, member of the CSANF (http://www.csanf.org. I like just say that it was realized the first official match of the NF-Board and CSANF, in south america. The math was between Aymara NT and Juan Fernandez Island (2-1) in Arica.


cornubian said...

Hello there from Cornwall

I'd love to report about a Cornish national football team but we are going to have to wait for that.

Our sister Celtic nation Brittany within the French state is a different story though.

They have their own team and have just played against the other stateless nation Corsica, Gabon and Togo: http://www.bretagne-football.org/

Let me know if you blog about them.

Brian Palmer said...

Hi Steve,

I'm a journalist with Slate magazine, a publication of the Washington Post. I'm working on an article about how FIFA decides whether to recognize a national footballing federation. Please contact me today (6.15) if you are available. Email me at explainerbrian@gmail.com before 3 pm (New York time), and we can exchange phone numbers.


Brian Palmer

doddsy1691 said...

I have always had a great intrest in the teams and nations that are not a part of fifa and stumbling across this blog is a great find. I will also be getting your book at the next opportunity.

Although i like to take a intrest in most of the teams my personal favourite is Greenland and really hope they can get into fifa or uefa sometime in the furture

Phil Lowry said...


I would like to purchase your book on the Outcasts of Football. How can I order a copy?

Thank you,

Phil Lowry

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Please email me with a number ASAP to michael.hamilton@bbc.co.uk
keen to talk to you tonight.



Flickybig said...


Can you please contact me regarding your book "republic of ireland on this day"

I have read this book and found it very interesting that would appeal to any true Ireland fan.

I am looking for you to donate 2 copies of this book to an Irish fans forum called youboysingreen.ie. In return I will start a competition for these books and by doing so will promote your book to the people who would be interested in buying this book.

Please contact me at flick.1990@hotmail.com if interested

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Steve we met last week after you gave your lecture at the Birkbeck Sports Business seminar, we then walked to the pub together.
Can you send me an email on leigh.ellerby@jobsforthegames.co.uk so I can get your email address.
Thanks very much Steve.

Anonymous said...


Just to let you know that:

1. Brittany will play against Equatorial Guinea on June 2, 2011 in St.Nazaire (southern Brittany) and

2. Brittany should soon sign the full national team of the Republic of Ireland for a game on May 26, 2012 in Nantes.



Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I am a big fan of all your work and I would love to interview you for my blog. Can you please contact me at james-ultimatefootballshirts@hotmail.co.uk for more information.

Many Thanks,


Ollers said...

Hi Steve - are you going over to the Island Games this year? I'm going over Monday 27th to cover a few games & do a short piece for WSC, would be nice to meet up & do a quick interview if possible? Please email me on andy_ollers@ntlworld.com

James M Dorsey said...

I'd like to talk about your latest piece on Play the Game. I write a blog called The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer (http://mideastsoccer.blogspot.com). Please email me at jmdorsey@questfze.com.
Thanks and best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, your blogging is very nice, please contact me at support@flashscores.co.uk if you are interested in good link exchange, best regards, vaclav

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,

I am more interested in your story regarding my beautiful country of Kiribati.

Anyway I truly admire the story and admit that it is very true. However it is very disappointing in our part as citizen to make our support to our team and also the fact that taking sport to some people political interest and benefit, which I may commend it as a corruption and so forth....

Please contact me in my email kbwaririeta@gmail.com as I wish to openly discuss this with you so you may have a very balance view.

Keep up the good work,

mickilin said...

Hello Steve:

I am a reporter for La Cascarita newspaper in the USA, but based in Barcelona. I also work for Vice Magazine and we are extremely interested in doing a piece and even a documentary on the next VIVA World Cup 2012 in Kurdistan, but it has been very difficult to reach anybody at the NF Board, I wish you can help me with more information or maybe who can I contact to get access to more information, dates, accreditation, for the CUP.

I am also ordering your book, if the documentary goes through in prdouction I would wish to interview you to get a rounded up view on the world of Outcast FA's.

Kind regards,


Michelle Eastwood said...


I'm a UK film producer interested in talking to the relevant people at the N.F.-Board about the Viva World Cup. Would you know who might be good to speak to there? It's tricky to find their contact details. My email is michelle@escapefilms.co.uk. Thank you very much for your time.

All the best,


Chris said...

Hi Steve

Just been bought your book for Christmas and what a fantastic read it is, can't put it down!

Whilst reading I thought I'd contact you to see if you may be able to assist me please? I currently collect national team football shirts and have a collection of around 150 at the moment. I've managed to obtain shirts from places like Greenland, Tibet, Pohnpei, Basque, Gaudaloupe, Martinique and Zanzibar, but am really struggling to make any progress with Lapland and the Vatican City!

On reading your book I wondered if you may have any contacts that you may be able to share with me please, as it's extremely difficult to make any progress.

I collect shirts due to my interest in the international game, for my little boy and also to hopefully raise some money for charity, as I'm putting on an exhibition of my collection in May 2012 in conjunction with a local Cancer Hospice.

Thanks for your time Steve, sincerely appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide. My e-mail address is chrisjoyce45@hotmail.com

All the best

dave said...

Great book. We from worldreferee.com list FIFA referees and matches, that is only because we can't find any data for non FIFA matches. We'd like to list the most important non FIFA ones if someone could help us with the facts.
(Steve, The Hague is not the Dutch capital (p. 149))
dave eisenhower

simistuecheli@gmail.com said...

Hey Steve. What do you think, will South Sudan get FIFA membership on the next FIFA Congress this month in Budapest?

brad147690 said...

I was reading some of your blog posts and you cover the NF board teams very well. I am a national football shirt collector and I have a few of these shirts myself such as Martinique, Sealand, Gibraltar which can be seen here


Keep up the good work.


Maggranna said...

Hi, I've played for the Isle of Wight in 3 Island Games, and also worked for UNPO, albeit after the Unrepresented Nations cup in 2005. As a female footballer, I'd be interested to hear if you cover women's football in your book/musings and also what guidance/contacts you may be able to share in Kurdistan. I may be going over in coming months to interview women's teams. Thanks! mmurphyiw[at]gmail[dot]com

Steve Menary said...

I tried replying to your email a few months back. Did you get it?
I have some info if you want from the NF Board.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, I admire your work with the nations we know little of their football legacy. I read both your books and regularly your column in world soccer. Given that tomorrow is the meeting between CFA and CTFA I am preparing an article for the newspaper I write. Please contact me at k.kontokwstas@gmail.com so I can ask you some questions.
Keep up the good work
Konstantinos Kontokwstas

Cascadia Football said...

Please email us at cascadiafootball@gmail.com - We have a scarf for you

Anonymous said...

Buongiorno Sig.Steve....
mi chiamo Paolo Di Donato e sono il Presidente della Fortitudo 2007 vincitrice della Coppa Vaticana 2012 dedicata al Dott. Valci Sergio. Volevo ringraziarla per l'articolo che ho trovato sul suo sito e per l'interesse che ha per la nostra attività calcistica e approfitto per precisare soltanto che Gaudio Fabrizio non è l'allenatore, ma è il nostro attaccante che ha vinto la classifica marcatori di coppa...La guida tecnica è affidata al sottoscritto Di Donato ( anche se sono Preidente ) e al Sig. Sganga Stefano.....
grazie e Auguri per un Santo Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Just to keep you informed that St Johns United Football Club in the Isle of Man has put itself forward to take part in the Island Games in Bermuda and has been accepted by Bermuda but is awaiting a decision from the Isle of Man Football Association which should be received next week. So fingers crossed and there could be a team from the Isle of Man joining the other four confirmed entries.
Malcolm Blackburn

Rick said...


Please contact me about a possible terrestrial radio interview in the US.




Stefan Teodosić said...

Hi, Steve,

I just want to say you're doing great job with this blog and such an interesting theme. I also wrote a blog post on Serbian regarding VIVA World Cup 2012 and participating nations. After some googling about it, I found your blog.
Anyway, I'm sending you information about upcoming tournament, hosted by Association Provencale de Football:

The Provencal Association in partnership with PSI (Partners Sports International) will organize the International Peoples, Cultures and Tribes Tournament in Marseille from Saturday June 22 2013 to Saturday June 29 2013.
This first edition will welcome 10 to 12 teams :

-Nagaland Team (a small northeastern state of India),
-Ladakh Team (a region of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir in India),
-Islands the Chagos Archipelago (British territories in the Indian ocean),
-Tibetan Team,
-Kurdistan Team (Winner of the Viva World Cup 2012)
-Quebec Team

Some teams remain awaiting confirmation :

-Associative Federation of Monaco ( a selection of the Monaco Football Association's best players),
-Kingdom of two Sicilies,
-Arameans from Europe,
-Gozo team (located 5km north-west of the island of Malta)
-Corsica Football Association

Nena del Sur said...

Hi Steve, I'd like to use a photo from your web to go with the story we are publishing re Gib/UEFA, crediting it to you and the web - could you email or ring me direct at editorial@csnews.es or 617 369 482
Costa del Sol News
We are on deadline now so I'd be very grateful if you could get in touch as soon as possible
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, I am writing to enquire about the possibility of doing an interview for Here In The City, on a number of topics that you have spoken about in your previous books and articles.

My email address is c.farrell@my.westminster.ac.uk so if you could get in touch I can be much more specific about what topics I wanted to discuss. I think your input would be extremely valuable to the piece I am planning and I'd be really grateful if you could spare a few minutes for us to ask you a few questions. I understand you are really busy so I wouldn't take up too much of your time.

Thanks very much,

Callum Farrell

Irma Corado Bezerra said...

Dear Mr. Steve Menary,

I am a researcher at Instituto FSB Pesquisa, a survey institute in Brasília, Brazil. We are currently conducting a research with some journalists in England who cover football and are also interested in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. We would like to talk to you for few minutes to know your opinion and expectations for the next World Cup.
The questionnaire is anonymous and your name will not be associated to the final results.

We would like to schedule an appointment in order to speak with you. Please let me know when will be a good time.

Thank you for your attention and I am looking forward to receiving your position.

Kind regards,
Irma Corado
Email: corado.irma@gmail.com

Tomos Knox said...

Hi there Steve,
I run the South Atlantic Ocean Football Blog from the UK, and I was wondering whether you could give me an insight into football on Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha and St Helena.
My email is Knoxy1045@hotmail.com
Tomos Knox

Anonymous said...

Steve, how you doing?! I wanted to pick your brains about something. Could you drop me an email? jamespiotrmontague@gmail.com

Loved the R&K piece by the way.... James

Anonymous said...


Last month, you wrote a column for SI Online about the countries that belong to FIFA.

My apologies for the ridiculousness of this question, but in one sentence on the first page, you write "Why are some countries in FIFA, and others not?"

Shouldn't you have written "in the FIFA", as you are using the acronym FIFA for "Fédération Internationale de Football Association"?

Much obliged for your time

-Michael / mpruser2000@msn.com

Yury Gomon said...

Hello Steve,

I would like to translate some of your posts for Russian sites on non-FIFA football, namely weakteams.ws and http://www.sports.ru/tribuna/blogs/weakteams/. Please contact me on yurygomon@gmail.com and tell me whether you agree.


Anonymous said...

hi steve, do u have news about fifa's membership of some countries like palau,micronesia,tuvalu,monaco etc????

Richard Phillips said...

Hi I've read your Outcasts book and thoroughly enjoyed it! I was just wondering why you haven't covered anything to do with ConIFA?



Fabian Scheler said...

Hello Steve, could you contact me as soon as possible because i want to write for the german newssite www.zeit.de ahead of the qualifier Germany vs Gibraltar on Friday. I want to talk with you about Gibraltar and Uefa & Fifa. Thank you. fabian.scheler@zeit.de

Guillaume Girault said...

Dear Mr. Menary,
I am currently in the process of writing my final paper for my international relations and diplomacy masters degree at the University of Lyon, France, and i have chosen to focus on FIFA governance, questioning if the way the game is ruled by the international body constitutes a fairer, more just or more egalitarian regime than that of international political institutions such as the United Nations.
Having read some of your work, I was wondering if you could do me the honour of answering a few questions on that matter, especially on the way FIFA handles membership compared to the United Nations.
Thanks you very much for your help,
Guillaume Girault

Patrick Keddie said...

Hi Steve,

I'm a British freelance journalist and I'm writing an article about the plans to unite the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot football associations (I'm specifically focusing on the battle between the Turkish-Cypriot Football Association and the Turkish-Cypriot government).

I was wondering if you are free to do a quick interview (either in person or via Skype) as I'd love to get your thoughts on how feasible the move is, its political significance, and the current state of Turkish-Cypriot football?

My email is patrickkeddie@hotmail.com

Best wishes,

Patrick Keddie


Thomas Frost said...

Hello Mr Menary

I would like some advice if possible as to how I can go about getting a team to manage in a non fifa country. The sort of challenge like Paul Watson had with Pohnpei.
All advice appreciated

Many thanks
Thomas Frost

My email is twfrost@live.co.uk

Topias Kauhala said...

Dear Mr Menary,

Sorry if you already received this message. It just didn't appear here the first time around.

Anyway, I'm the chief football writer for the biggest Finnish sports magazine Urheilulehti. I am coming to England in late-June to work on some articles. One of them is about Charles Hughes.

I found your article in Blizzard very interesting. And the fact that you have actually interviewed Mr Hughes. Could I be in touch with you regarding my article on him?

I would like to thank You in advance!

Yours sincerely,

Topias Kauhala


Hector said...

where can I purchase the book? Thank you Hector hhm@fcnyemail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,

I am a commisioning editor at Headline Publishers and wondered if I could drop you a line about something. I am on richard[dot]roper[at]headline.co.uk

Many thanks,

Palmyra FA said...

Hi Steve,
On behalf of the Palmyra Atoll, I'd like to invite you to serve on the advisory board of the Palmyra Football Association.
The goal of the Palmyra FA is to raise awareness of the Palmyra Atoll, to bring attention to a little-known Pacific Island and to hopefully inspire others to invest their time and/or money in conservation efforts. We aim to do that through football (soccer).
For your efforts in spreading awareness about non-FIFA football, I would like to offer you a position on our advisory board. Don't worry, absolutely nothing will be required of you! This is effectively a ceremonial position. We’d just like your support of our efforts.
We’d be honored if you would accept this position. Let us know what you think and shoot us an email at palmyrafa@mail.com.

paolo said...

Dear Steve
congrats for your book "Outcasts!".
my name is Paolo Casalis and I'm a documentary filmaker from Italy. We're working on a film project that involves the forthcoming Conifa World Cup and the themes you talk about in your book (nations and nationality, unity and separation, sport, power..)
I was wandering if you will follow the Abchazia World Cup, and/or if it would be possible to interview you.
In general, it would be great even olny to exchange a few words with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,
My name is Virgilio, from Brazil.
Where/How can I purchase the book?
e-mail: virgilioneto@yahoo.com